Charles Roth: clips from my presentations

I am slowly accumulating some short video clips of my various (technical and musical) presentations. 

(My technical blogs are at and

  1. Agile & Beyond 2019, "Unit-Testing: carrots & sticks"
    1. Clip 1: How 'Green Lantern' is a metaphor for facing our fear about our code.
    2. Clip 2: Improving unit-testing in the organizational, personal/social, and technical domains.


    • These clips were taken from my iPhone, propped up in a chair.  So the viewing angle is, shall we say, not always ideal!
    • More than one attender asked if I have Italian heritage, apparently because I wave my hands in the air a lot.  In the long-ago days when I taught Computer Science, my (best) students complained that they couldn't fall asleep in class, because I was too active and animated.

  2. ProQuest 2020 kickoff meeting, improv session.

      (Not exactly a presentation, but improv exercises are a great way to study how we communicate and interact with others.)